Sample Submission

untitledsamples01Preparation and analytical methods used by Siratech are the most appropriate for the sample type currently in use by the stable isotope analytical community. Questions about analytical details are welcome and discussion of any special requirements or suitability of application are encouraged.

If unsure of the analytical process, the customer should discuss all analytical expectations, sample sizes, packaging, and preparation requirements before submitting samples. Special sample preparation should be discussed and may be billed as separate charges. Large project requirements and discounts must be detailed in a price quote produced by Siratech.

Samples must be clearly labelled and shipped in appropriate containers along with a sample inventory, contact information and work order requirements. Siratech will supply the new customer with a Customer Contact form to gather the information required for a new account (see below). You can include this form with your first shipment so we have all of your contact information to log in your samples. The customer will be contacted for any irregularities or shipping damages before the samples can be accepted for analysis. Sample material will not be held for more than two weeks after analysis is reported unless other arrangements have been made.

Analytical results will be transmitted to the customer as soon as possible after completion of analysis. The usual method of reporting will be by email (PDF document attachment) followed by a mailed hard copy only when required. All results are confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without the client’s direct instructions. Forwarding of results from Siratech to a third party may only be performed by specific request of the client. Payment for analytical services will be made by credit card, electronic transfer or check and may be required before results are rendered.

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