About Us

beakers01-2 inlet01 tubes01Siratech is dedicated to offering rapid, accurate stable isotope analysis to its customers. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Richard Anderson who brings over thirty years experience in SIRA methods and applications including over twenty years as the Director of Analytical Services for Coastal Science Laboratories, Inc. After the closing of CSL in 2011, we recognized the growth in the demand for food adulteration detection applications as an opportunity to reorganize in order to concentrate on that segment of the customer base.

Located in the heart of Texas, just south of Austin, Siratech has been designed from the ground up to service our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many jobs are reported in full within 48 hours of receipt. Focusing on the market that has seen the most growth over the past few years will help us to offer the turnaround required for the decisions you need to make.