FDA detention of Imports

Siratech has been able to help several clients process imported honey shipments that have been detained by the FDA. If detained without physical examination (DWPE) because of a producer’s violative history, samples may be submitted to a private laboratory for analysis to prove that it is not in violation of FDA restrictions. Siratech can help if the samples must be shown to be unadulterated by C4 sugars. The FDA recognizes the AOAC 998.12 SIRA method for detection of honey adulteration by C4 sugars but does not maintain the analytical capability for the method.

First, the importer must check with the detention authority to find out what sampling protocol would be needed. A professional sampling service could then be contacted to sample the containers and ship the samples to Siratech for analysis. Rapid turnaround and thorough documentation of the analytical process is essential to expedite the release of the shipment. Siratech will help meet all deadlines and communicate with the detention authorities to whatever extent necessary. It is important for the client to act quickly under these circumstances as the detention involves time limits which must be met to avoid import refusal. Large numbers of samples may be involved and the preparation and analysis of honeys is time consuming and labor-intensive.