SIRATECH was created to especially address the needs of the honey and food industry where rapid analytical results are important to the pace of global commerce. However, as an analytical laboratory, SIRATECH has capabilities beyond those required by the food and honey industry and we will be glad to discuss any stable isotope analytical requirements you might have.

Our focus is on rapid, accurate analysis for all of our clients in order of sample receipt. Results for most standard analyses are available within two to three business days after sample arrival. Honey protein analysis requires extensive preparation time to meet the most stringent requirements (dialysis preparation) of AOAC Method 991.48 and can usually be ready in three to five business days. Many clients experience seasonal fluctuations in analytical needs and turnaround times may be slowed in times of extreme demand. Expedited service may be available under normal work load conditions but only by prior agreement and added fees may be incurred.

We are happy to discuss your analytical requirements and help you to understand your results. Glance through the subheadings on this page for a quick overview of some of the more popular stable isotope applications.

We have started out equipped and staffed to meet the immediate needs of our traditional client base but may expand to other capabilities as needs and opportunities arise.